Dr. Samuel Kwadwo Frimpong, Technical and Economic Advisor at the Delivery Unit of the Vice President's Secretariat has urged Ghanaians to laud government's efforts at tackling unemployment challenges with the launch of the Nation Builders Corps (NaBCo) and not to label it as a ‘political job’ intended to deceive the citizenry to retain the NPP in power in 2020.

The Nation Builders Corps (NaBCo) is a graduate employment scheme designed for degree and diploma holders who have completed national service and are not permanently employed.

NaBCo is different from National Youth Employment which is for non-graduates with 18-35years age limit and backed by law. However, this new program has no age limit and is for graduates.

“The project is a graduate scheme program which is part of government’s effort to address Ghana’s teething graduate unemployment in the country” he explained to Nana Kwabena Ampratwum on SilverFMs afternoon political show ‘GhanaMONTIE’

Dr. Frimpong was in the Ashanti Region on May Day with the entourage of the `President to honour the official launch of the Nation Builders Corps by President Nana Akufo-Addo at the Great Hall of Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST), Kumasi.

NaBCo will operate seven modules designed to address the most pressing needs of the nation and also provide jobs for the teeming youth who have received tertiary education but are struggling to find jobs.

The project has seven modules including the Feed Ghana module which will employ graduates as Agric extension officers to help farmers, the Educate Ghana module to recruit graduates to help in teaching science and Maths in Senior High schools, the Revenue Ghana module which will help the Ghana Revenue Authority in the collection of revenue and the Heal Ghana module which will employ nurses.

“NaBCo is not backed by law yet but has cabinet approval and it is very important to run a program for some number of years to justify its feasibility before parliament can approve it”

“So we are hoping for a successful roll out of the government funded scheme meant to reduce Ghana’s rising graduate unemployment before a policy document can be forwarded to parliament to be backed by law” the economist said.

Some stalwarts in the opposition NDC are not enthused by the NaBCo programme, arguing that it's a desperate move cooked by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) aimed at election 2020.

The Economist however stated that the move is not a political propaganda tool but an effort by the NPP led government to find job for the numerous graduates who are unemployed in the country.

“This project became necessary since the NDC’s 2010 agreement with IMF which put a net freeze on public sector employment allowing only replacement for retirements….but there are still a lot of opportunities in the public sector but the IMF program does not allow employment into the mainstream and so the NaBCo will temporarily provide jobs for the unemployed youth to keep them busy till the country gets out of the IMF program…so it is not a political job” he reiterated.

He also debunked claims that people who would be enrolled in the government’s flagship programme, Nation Builders Corps (NaBCo) will be jobless after three years.

“The course would be recruiting about 100,000 graduates this year for the three-year program and this does not mean there would be employment freeze at the other government agencies and private sector”

“The expectation is that they will develop their skills, improve their professional competences and at the end of the period, they would have acquired the skills, training and the kind of qualification upgrade that will be required to ease them into permanent jobs”

Mark F. / silveronline24 / SilverFM

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