Ghana’s afro-pop songstress, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda better known by her stage name MzVee, has said her focus on music has not permitted her to date.

The ‘Natural Girl’ indicated that since entering the music scene in 2011, she has not dated any man, adding she has not been in any serious relationship after getting into full time music.

“I have never dated any man since I entered the music scene and I’m not dating now, because I do not get time for that”.

The ‘Come and see my MODA’ hitmaker has therefore sent an open invitation to men who are interested in having a relationship with her.

The dancehall artiste says she is open to having a relationship with a man who interests her, adding that she is ready to take CVs of potential men who are God fearing and responsible.

“If it happens fine, bring your CV’s but I want a hard working, a responsible person and God fearing as well”

“I once proposed to a guy in school, but she was truthful that he was already dating” MzVee revealed how a guy she liked for the first time turned down an offer to date her.

Mark F. /silveronline24 /SilverFM

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