Private Nurses Association of Ghana has kicked against the Nation Builder’s Corps (NaBCo) initiative launched by the Akufo - Addo led administration that seeks to address Ghana’s teething graduate unemployment in the country.

According to the President of the group, Mr Emmanuel T.M Twumasi, successive governments have always taken health professionals for a ride and this initiative is just one of the ploys to lure them onto the scheme in the quest for cheap labour.

Speaking on SilverFMs Omanbapa Morning Show with Nana Kwabena Ampratwum, Mr Twumasi made it known to the public that, the group have not endorsed the ‘HEAL GHANA’ initiative; a module under the (NaBCo) programme for nurses, physician assistants and laboratory technicians because they are professionals and deserve better than this (NaBCo).

“We as health professionals have different status as compared to other professions….as health student, one is inducted to take an oath after completion of studies since our job is specifically to do with human beings, making us to be entrusted with innocent lives”

“So we deserve a permanent status in accordance with the Act than what is being given us now under the Nation Builder’s Corps”

He enumerated some of the disadvantage to the group as far as the ‘HEAL GHANA’ initiative is concerned.

No job description - Job description will be a major challenge when we get ourselves enrolled under NABCO. Are we to be called STAFFS or NABCO NURSES as previous government did?
Entitlement to promotions - Denial of employees to have full benefit with regards to all conditions of service in as much that, salaries will not be the same as our colleagues been posted permanently. Moreover mode of payment would not be through Controller and Accountant General Department consequently restricts all members to get appraisals.
Conflict among colleagues at work (Staff nurse and nurse under (NaBCo) Conflict)

– We are not by any interest to create disunity among ourselves and that of our colleagues posted permanently, since they might however look down upon us which will really jeopardize our relationship and profession.

“The politicians have always taken us for granted to extent of playing politics with our salaries but this time we will not allow it…this (NaBCo) process is to deceive us for cheap labour”

“We are still dealing with the Ministry of Health since they had promised us by the end of April to have our clearances processed only to hear the introduction of (NaBCo)…no matter the month we will wait, we don’t need this programme and we do not trust any government anymore”

“The GHC 700 allowance is money but what we are looking at when you get to the field there are a lot of contradictions”

“This is cheap labour they want to bring in and it is going to delay the process for our clearance” …the President said while insisting if they take up the ‘HEAL GHANA module’ Government will be adamant but not tenacious to push for their clearance for permanent job.

Some agitated unemployed nurses of the Ghana Nurse-Midwife Trainee Association numbering over hundred marched in protest on Monday May 7 to register their displeasure and frustration at President Akufo- Addo’s decision to employ them on the HEAL GHANA module under the NaBCo initiative with a monthly salary of GHC700.

Mark F. / silveronline24 / SilverFM

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