The Chairman of the Committee on Gender, Children and Social Protection, Dr Kojo Appiah Kubi has reacted vehemently against the recent religious broadcast and advertisement taking a negative turn in the Ghanaian media.

Over the last few months, perhaps years, some men of God have become the overwhelming force of this apparent religious activity on the media -the unimaginable miracles and wild rhetoric which outweigh religious proclamations.

According to the Member of Parliament for Atwima Kwanwoma, it is becoming very difficult to exercise Ghana’s regulatory systems, as far as religion is concerned with a growing trend of fetish priests flooding the media with lots of money making commercial and advertisement.

In a recent video going viral, Bishop Daniel Obinim also ‘Angel’ Obinim orders one lady in his church to carry a bag of cement around for more than an hour just for him to gift her winning lotto numbers.

In the video, Obinim made mention that the lady asked him for Lotto numbers on Sunday at church and he assured her he’ll give her the numbers.

Two days after, Bishop Obinim claimed he appeared to the lady in the form of an unknown man and asked that the lady takes the Lotto numbers she requested.

This lady refused thus, he had to punish her before giving her new set of lotto numbers.

Speaking on SilverFMs afternoon political show ‘GhanaMONTIE’ with Nana Kwabena Ampratwum, the Member of Parliament said it is an individual duty to respect another person's individual rights.

“Making a woman of age carry a bag of cement for lotto numbers is abuse of human rights and needs to be prosecuted ….How can you make a lady carry a bag of cement , what wrong has she committed”

“But before this can be prosecuted, the principal witness or the complainant who in this case is the woman in question, who needs to give evidence of the act, would deny the problem since she is a member of the church”

Dr. Appiah made an assertion that the religious regulatory bodies should do more to protect the citizenry by enforcing proper licensing procedures to make sure the content is in tandem with the media act and to ensure a dedicated social protection law to anchor social protection provision.

Mark F. / silveronline24 / SilverFM

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