Former Member of Parliament for Nkoranza South, Emmanuel Agyekum, has warned he will not deal kindly with members of government’s vehicle retrieval task force when they storm his house again to demand the keys to his cars.

His warning follows the confusion that broke out in his house on Tuesday 28 March when six stoutly built men describing themselves as members of the special task force stormed the former legislator’s residence to retrieve one Toyota Camry and one Toyota Land Cruiser suspected to belong to government.

According to the former MP, the group failed to show any warrant authorising their mission, forcing him to resist their attempts to search his house.

He alleged in an interview with Class News that some of the men identified themselves as members of the governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) private security arm, the Invincible Forces, demanding the keys to his personal vehicles, a request he denied.

The angry MP warned that should the men storm his house again to seize the cars, he would not deal with them leniently.

“We don’t have the cars they are looking for and we have the documentation to cover the cars that we are driving. … Is one saying we don’t have the right to buy a car? And the Toyota Camry that they are asking for and the Prado they are asking for, I’m sorry the Chief of Staff will have to bring me the Toyota Camry to give it to them because I don’t have one. They have a fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers and whatever. If they want me to show them a Camry and Prado, then they should bring me one then I will give it to them. I don’t have it at the moment,” he stated.

“The police should protect us because you can’t just walk to my house and say you are Invincible Force and you are coming to beat my wife and my children and whatever because you are in power. Those days of coups are gone. Even those days you [couldn’t] go to somebody’s house with Invincible Forces. When you come to my house and I also have terminators in my house, they will terminate you and the next time they come to my house, my brother, you will see and you will hear the story.”