There has been a recent fuss on social media on the return of load shedding, otherwise known as “Dumsor.”

Some portions of the Ashanti region have been experiencing intermittent black-out in recent times.

Areas that suffered this black-out include Buokrom, South-Suntreso, among other areas.

This situation raised eyebrows and ignited a public perception that ‘dumsor’ was back.

Speaking on Silver FMs ‘Omanbapa’ Show with Nana Ampratwum, the Ashanti Regional Public Relations Officer of Electricity Company of Ghana, - Mr. Erasmus Kyere Baidoo declared that the current power outages are not indications of power crisis. He refuted the impression created by a section of the general public that ‘dumsor’ is back.

“Do we actually want to wish for the menace of ‘dumsor’ for ourselves? …Nobody should wish for its return… ‘Dumsor’ is not back”

“We have taken note of series of outages in some areas within our distribution system, but we wish to state as a matter of fact that it is not load shedding…it is as a result of distribution challenges which arose from scheduled maintenance of some equipment and repair of minor or multiple technical faults”

Mr. Baidoo explained that the Electricity Company of Ghana is embarking on major renovation works on longstanding faults identified on outworn electricity poles and cables in the region.

Indeed, ‘dumsor’ has been a critical characteristic of the energy crisis hanging around the neck of successive governments of Ghana which every regime has claimed to have made efforts to make it a thing of the past.

He said the general public should ignore such comments on the social media predicting the return of the power outages and rather appreciate and support the ongoing projects in the various areas.

Mark F. / silveronline24 / SilverFM

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