The Assembly Member for Dwenease - Adubinso electoral area in the Afigya Kwabre district, Hon. Thomas Owusu Ansah has recharged and defended controversial towing levy.

Hon Owusu - Ansah maintained that the levy is the only way to ensure safety on the road.

There has been a revived public backlash against the implementation of the law following Parliament’s Roads and Transport Committee’s recommendation for full implementation.

But speaking to Silver FMs reporter, Akwaada Nyame, just after the increment of the transportation, he conserved that the levy is appropriate.

He said, the mandatory towing levy fee has nothing to do with the fare increment.

“If there are accidents and people need some sort of emergencies and care there will be either a call through the National Ambulance service or an ambulance fleet that will be available by service providers all within the society to come and help through a properly structured scheme of things just like it’s done in the developed countries,” he stated.

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) is expected to begin a nationwide Towing programme, to ensure that all vehicles that breakdown on highways are cleared off the roads.

For this reason, drivers are required to pay a road safety fee ranging between GHC 10 and GHC 200 in addition to their road worthy certification fees.

Commercial vehicles and taxes will pay GH¢40, mini buses will pay GH¢80, while heavy duty trucks will pay between GH¢80 and GH¢200 annually, depending on their tonnage. Non-commercial vehicles are expected to pay GH¢20.

RSMSL has already acquired some 118 trucks ahead of the implementation, for the exercise.

But several persons have kicked against the policy calling on government to scrap it immediately.

Anti-corruption group, CitizenGhana Movement earlier called on government to immediate repeal the new levy.

But Hon Thomas Owusu Ansah believed that bringing towing levy will help reduce road accidents.

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