The Gender and Social Protection Minister, Madam Otiko Afisa Djaba claims the Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party has been receiving bribe gifts in the form of goats, cows and sheep from persons in the region after promising them of appointments.

According to the Minister, the regional chairman’s house virtually a slaughterhouse where livestock are sent to on daily basis by people seeking political appointment in the NPP’s government.

She was in the region on a working visit on behalf of the First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo and still at a loss why the leader of the party will want to get her involved in matters that have little or no bearing to his leadership crises in the region.

“He has gone to take goats and sheep from people and is promising them positions. I am in Tamale, I never went to Savelugu but Chairman Bugri claim I came to disrupt the confirmation of the DCE which is not even today. I am the last person he will want to have his problems with, he should be very careful. He should not lie about me to cover up for his misdeeds. If Bugri wants trouble from me, then trouble will come”, she warned.

The Minister vowed to file an official complaint against the Chairman about Naabu's conduct.

As a gender activist, I will file a complaint with the party over his conduct because he cannot come and disrupt a programme like that and left off the hook”, she revealed.

In an interview she advised the Chairman to stop the indecent act and return the alleged bribes he received from such persons as well as cautioned him against making promises to people especially party people he knows very well he has not got the capacity to meet when the president is the sole appointing authority.

“Bugri Naabu should stop promising people positions he cannot offer. He should better return their cows, goats and monies he took from them. If Bugri Naabu wants my trouble, then trouble he will give him one”, she said.