Ghana's local fabrics seem to be the favorite of most people over foreign wear, even among the youth. However, vendors say the African wear business may be in trouble if government does not reduce the high tariffs placed on imported raw materials which end up making the finished local fabrics expensive.

Kente, Batakari, Batik, Tie and dye, Akemfem , Sika wo Antaba are some of the Ghanaian wears produced locally and these fabrics compete globally.

Visiting some shops in Osu, the gorgeous and wonderfully made wears kept my eyes rolling without knowing which one to choose. Sadly, vendors say the local textile Industry specifically the African wear business is faced with competition.

The vendors say foreign wears dominate the market and are cheaper compared to Ghanaian made. The Ghana wear traders are calling on government to put measures in place to help the Industry survive.

Some vendors said foreign tourists seem to patronize more of the African wear. And with some challenges in the tourism sector, the vendors are worried about dwindling sales and are appealing to government to do something about the situation.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaian patrons say they fancy African wear but vendors should make the clothes more affordable, So that they are not limited to wearing them only on Fridays, Sundays and on special occasions.

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