South African musician, Nasty C has met with American rapper 50 Cent and people are speculating that it’s likely he would make a cameo appearance in 50 Cent’s ‘POWER’ series as he’s looking at tapping into the African audience and Nasty C seems to be the right person.

So it wasn’t just a Nasty C taking a random picture with American superstar but they actually spoke a lot and have some things in the pipeline. Nast C who is just 21 years is very excited about the opportunity he had to talk with 50 Cent and expressed that in an Instagram post he made.

Nasty C was in Ghana earlier this year and pissed off fans of Shatta Wale who had also taken a picture with 50 Cent back in 2017. Nasty C had said in an interview that he’s heard the name Shatta Wale but didn’t know if it was a male or female.

Considering the fact that 50 Cent has met with 2 African musicians, we are just asking, if he could perhaps decide to feature the two of them in his series ‘POWER’ as they are both big artistes in their respective countries.

Nasty C in another Instagram post he made, posted a book he got from 50 Cent as a gift signed by 50 Cent himself.

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