The intelligence and security unit of the Critical Thinkers International (CTI) has raised public awareness on the issue of 'STALKING' and how people can avoid being victims to this crime.

In a Statement, CTI described Stalking as "repeated attempt to gain control over someone. It involves deliberate patterns,threatening and annoyong behaviours employed by some people against others - sending of unwanted gifts, phone calls, letters,driving by people's homes or workplaces,approaching their properties unlawfully etc."

The Security is also known to have been "conducting another very popular form known as 'Surveillance' on groups or people who pose threat to the peace and security of the nation through vehicular surveillance,phone wire tappings etc."

"Being stalked can be paralyzing,dehumanizing and frustrating" the statement read.

-Why do we get stalked?
-How do we get stalked?
-Who engages into stalking?

"It is estimated that 30% of women and 15% of teenagers get stalked daily"

The statement further explained the 3 types of Stalkers -
-Intamacy Stalkers - It starts with intimacy affair with their supposed victims.

- Resential Stalkers - Revengeful, always pursuing a vendetta and it happens through frightening, unprofessional surveillance.

-Incompetent Stalkers - Despite Lack of skills in dating or courting, they always seek to develop an attachment to someone they can't have.

CTI revealed that children can also fall victims of the crime.

Preventive Measures of the Act includes;

-Avoid being alone at all cost
-Alert friends and family of possible Stalkers
-Control all personal information -; pictures on social media
- Instruct friends ; relatives not to give out your information without your consent or approval.

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