Kumasi Metro Engineer at the KMA, Mr Emmanuel Anderson has asked its members and sub-metro engineers not to forge designs but involve residents in communities where a particular project is to be sited before development.

In an interview on 'OmanbapaShow' with Oheneba on June 5, 2017, Mr Anderson said " it is imperative that as professionals at the Assembly, community members are factored in the pre-construction process before implementation of the actual projects at a particular location".

"Because we do not factor the people into our designs that is why we always have problems "

He also stressed on community education through durbars "because the residents cannot be regarded as if they know all about the planning of such projects"

He mentioned that a community could be cited as one which needs a particular project but through community engagement in the siting process it would be noticed that the residents rather need a different project.

The Engineer scored his members 30% and hinted of the assembly’s readiness to embarking on such community involvement exercises going forward.

"We have to undertake a lot of tasks for the people of Kumasi to see that we are actually working"

He cited lack of logistics on their side to embark on dredging exercises at drains as part of the causes for the excess flooding in the metropolis.

Mr Anderson also stated poor planning, poor drainage system and blamed human attitude;-improper disposal of refuse as some of the causes of flooding within the metropolis.

The Engineer gave some solutions to the current flooding situations in the metropolis as replacing all cell covets with box covets for free flow.
A Sponge city where we plant trees,flowers, landscaping etc recommending roof top gardens as in China which he said was expensive.

Mark F. / www.silverfmgh.com