A former Foreign Affairs Minister under the former New Patriotic Party ( NPP) government, Akwasi Osei Adjei has said the threat posed by the pro NPP group, Delta Force has not reached a level to be tagged as 'vigilante group' terrorising Ghanaian in the name of the ruling Party.

According to the leading member of the NPP, a 'Vigilante Group' is an organization acting in a law enforcement capacity, a self-appointed doer of justice.

"I do not want to call the group a Vigilante yet because to be called by that term means it is backed by a certain law created by the group itself ; the mafia groups are the vigilantes"

Hon Akwasi Osei was speaking in an exclusive interview with Kwasi Malik host of 'Omanbapa' Morning Show in relation to the recent attacks on state institutions by vigilante groups affiliated to the NPP and its adverse effects on investment decision or foreign policies.

"There are crimes globally and every country is doing well to fight to suppress it , which means investments can still go on despite all these challenges"

The Former Minister urged a continued practice of currency exchange system with no governmental restriction on the movement of currency between countries to attract more investors.

Akwasi Osei also stressed that the welfare of all citizens should be paramount to every government and so the national security of the country both internal and external should be regarded as serious task.

Mark F. / www.silverfmgh.com

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