The Finance Minster has indicated that the government is still committed to carrying out social interventions to improve the well being of the citizens.

In the Minister's delivery of the 2018 Budget in parliament Wednesday , Ken Ofori Atta made an assertion that electricity consumers expected to witness a 13 per cent reduction in tariffs when government's recommendation to the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC) as per the law, is approved.

He proposed an average reduction of 13 percent in electricity tariffs for residential consumers of electricity and non-residential category will also see a 13 percent drop in tariffs.

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta’s budget reading reminded of the hardship Ghanaians endured during the height of the power crisis between 2013 and 2015.

"We have provided reliable power supply and our SHS students have forgotten how to spell “dumsor’

"Dumsor is dead" he touted .

On the basis of these interventions, if government’s recommendation to PURC are accepted, he said consumers would be expected to benefit from reductions in electricity tariffs.

The expected average tariff reduction across various customer categories will be as follows:

Average reduction for residential 13 per cent
Average reduction for non-residential 13 per cent
Special load tariff low voltage 13 per cent
Special load tariff medium voltage 11 per cent
Special load tariff high voltage 14 per cent
Industry - High Voltage mines 21 per cent

The Finance Minister said the electricity tariff structure would be realigned with government’s developmental goals of industrial transformation, growth and job creation.

In providing relief to the poor, who consume within the lifeline subsidies, but are likely to be living in compound houses, thus robbing of them such benefits, the current 4-tier tariff classification for residential consumers “will be collapsed into lifeline and non-lifeline consumers in phases,” Mr. Ofori Atta said.

Lifeline users currently pay 33.56 pesewas per kilowatt hour in addition to the 633.17 pesewas service charge monthly.

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