The Chief Executive Officer of Manuel Consult, Emmanuel Osei Gyamfi has urged the youth to develop a culture of personal growth, strive to be creative and innovative to gain employable skills.

According to the business and communications consultant, God is a creator and so as human beings created in the image of the most high, we must also be creative.

Speaking on SilverFMs OmanbapaShow with host Nana Kwabena Ampratwum, the noble researcher made an emphatic statement that “the world is fast changing and so in order to succeed or materialize your aspirations, one needs to develop the spirit of creativity and innovativity”

“If there is no creativity or new ideas you will be poor in this changing world.

As the youth start building a foundation for a successful career, it is important that there is creativity and innovation in everything they do in order to be marketable, self-reliant and employable.”

Mr Emmanuel Osei Gyamfi attributed the high unemployment rate to the lack of creativity and innovation on the part of graduates produced by our Universities.

“Unfortunately our tertiary education curriculum is faced with abstracts; which means there is misfit between the education at the university and industrial work or programme”.

“There should be a link between university educational system and industrial programme so that graduates would gain experience and entrepreneurial skills where students would either be gainfully employed right after school or would be capable of creating a meaningful wealth for themselves”

“Capital is never a challenge when you are creative and innovative” he stressed.

He continued that the youth should be ready to take on extra jobs in addition to their first job for a variety of reasons.

“If you do only one job there is the likelihood to live from hand to mouth…..there is the need to develop a new set of habits to try new ideas rather than sitting on one job and embarking on strikes for low salary”

He reiterated that there are a lot of job opportunities in the country but it takes persons with creative and innovative minds to find these jobs.

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