In the absence of laws the people as well as the economy of the nation suffer badly. Law enforcement is crucial good governance.

A UK-based road safety advocate, Mr Kingsley Adumatta Agyapong believes that despite the numerous factors that contribute to the recent increase in carnage on our roads, the most deterrent measure to help curtail road accidents is enforcement of the road traffic and vehicle laws.

Ghana is grappling with issues of motor accidents in recent times as a result of gross disregard for traffic laws on the roads and has resulted in hundreds of people losing their lives over the last quarter of the year 2018.

A total of 592 commuters perished while 3343 were injured in road traffic crashes in the first quarter of 2018. The deaths made up of 439 males and 153 females.

Data compiled by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police service showed that the total number of motor vehicles involved in accidents jumped from 4,498 in 2017 first quarter to 5,348 in the first quarter of 2018, representing 18.87% increase over the previous year.

Speaking on SilverFM’s Omanbapa with Nana Kwabena Ampratwum, the head of the road safety advocacy group in the UK said it is overwhelmed by the number of road accidents recorded in Ghana just within a space of three months.

“Genuinely the country Ghana is having a burden of road accidents which is becoming very disastrous looking at the rate of increase yearly when compared to the rate of events in the UK”

“The number of road fatalities and injuries recorded in Ghana are very huge with numerous contributing factors which cannot be restricted to only one root cause”

Mr Agyapong cited many factors contributing to the carnage on our roads ranging from bad roads, indiscipline, alcoholism, technology but was quick to add that strict enforcement of the laws will help reduce all these to the barest minimum.

He encouraged calls to introduce speed cameras in the country as move to curb the indiscipline on the part of drivers but the status quo makes it impossible to track down the culprits.

“It is possible to use these speed cameras to restrict drivers on speed limits as in the UK ….where these cameras are designed to automatically record over speeding vehicles to allot fines and points to offenders which may subsequently lead to ban extending to a year”

He urged National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), Driver And Licensing Authority (DVLA) and other road safety agencies in Ghana to play a major role in both awareness creation and traffic law enforcement to demand strict compliance from stakeholders.

Mr Agyapong also lauded the President’s recent action plan to deal with the upsurge in road accidents in the country.

The key areas of of action approved were listed under; Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

Mark F. / silveronline24 / SilverFM

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