Popular Kumawood actor , Kwaku Manu who was reportedly riding around the streets on a big colorful float in a bid to unveil his new product has been arrested by the Ejisu Police Command in the Ashanti Regional police after a scuffle.

According to an eye-witness report, the actor and his group attracted the crowd at an area around Ejisu whiles launching the new non-alcoholic fruit drink 'DROP' , but an unfortunate misunderstanding ensued between the team and the police which resulted in a heated altercation and a subsequent arrest of the popular comic actor.

The reporter said the police allegedly brutalized Kwaku Manu and blood started oozing from the face.

It is not yet known why he was arrested but narrating his side of the incident on SilverFM's Drivetime 'OfieBUS' with DJ KA, Kumasi based actor, Akwesi Antwi popularly known as Ras Nene who was with the group during the outdoor event said;

"As hardworking actors in the movie industry we always want to venture into other businesses due to nature of our job and considering the current challenges in the economy ... so we joined hands to support our brother Kwaku Manu to embark on this outdoor event to promote his new product"

"So with the required documentations and permits we were all out there marketing and promoting the product but were confronted by the police asking us to move our car from the spot since we were not allowed to market along the street"

"We had the permit to embark on such event but the police insisted we move from that spot or we get arrested "

"Kwaku Manu then appeared and confronted the police asking whether it is an offense to work in the country "

'Ras Nene' continued that the police found the actor's statement to be foul and an insult to the Ghana Police .

In the cause of the struggle, misunderstanding ensued between the police and Kwaku Manu because they claim he [Kwaku Manu] insulted them and asked them in local dialect [Twi] “you are asking me to stop selling, should I go and steal before I eat in this country?”

This question, according to Ras Nene did not go down well with the police and they had no option than to use force to take them to the police station.

"They started striking Kwaku Manu which made me very furious" Ras Nene told DJ KA.

According to sources the actor is been held for allegedly marketing the fruit drink 'Drop Fruit Juice' without permit but 'Nene' stressed that the group had earlier presented the permit and documentations to the police before embarking on the float.

They were then taken to the police station for verification of their permit.

Police sources says the actor's arrest took place at 2pm on Thursday April 26, 2018.

Mark F. / silveronline24 / SilverFM

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