Social Pressure group ‘OccupyGhana’ has called on the government to urgently take steps to place more restriction on access to Tramadol as there is growing trend of its abuse among Ghanaian youth in some parts of the country.

According to the Secretary of OccupyGhana, Nana Sarpong Agyemang Badu the addiction and excessive abuse of Tramadol (a pain killer) by sections of the youth could ruin the future of the country if not nipped in the bud.

Speaking on SilverFMs OmanbapaShow with Nana Ampratwum, Mr Sarpong said the use of the drug without doctor’s prescription is developing a gradual sense of substance abuse which has become a big concern to major stakeholders and the general public.

“higher dosage of the tramadol drug ‘tramol” and its addiction according to some of the users do not only enhance performance but also boosts immune system and make one feel high like taking cocaine or marijuana”

“excessive abuse of the drug causes force strength of energy which results in depression, heart seizures and even death….especially when taken by drivers it enhances them to drive for longer hours without experiencing any form of fatigue but when exhausted, leads to all sorts of complication that contribute to the numerous fatalities on our roads” the Secretary stressed.

Tramadol doses approved by Ghana Food and Drugs Authority are 50mg and 100mg, however much higher dosages are illegally distributed on the streets and prone to abuse mainly by the youth.

The Secretary appealed to the Ministry of Health to rise and take urgent steps in tackling the menace because the signs and symptoms of tramadol addiction are not easily identifiable or recognized.

He therefore called on the Ministry to train doctors to be able to recognize the signs, spot and treat patients with tramadol addiction.
“Considering steps to curb the social menace of the drug, the FDA and NACOB as a matter of urgency should do more to monitor and restrict influx of the tramadol drug and its distribution, adding that there should be a stock checks on the license pharmaceutical joints to arrest all illegal sellers of the drug ”

He also suggested an intensified public education at various educational institutions, market places, transport terminals on the effects of tramadol addiction to users if precautionary measures are not followed.

Mark F. silveronline24 / SilverFM

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